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Application for School worker Officer, Mahidol University

          Mahidol University has opening for the position of Instructor 1 position to work at Mahidol University International Demonstration School (Salaya) Mahidol University International Demonstration School

• Thai National/English Speaker preferred
• Fluent in Thai/English languages.
• Master’s Degree Major in Psychology, Counselling or School Psychology
• 2-3 years of experience
• Experience with Power School
• Experience or familiarity with Thailand University Application process (TCAS) preferred
• Experience or familiarity with University and Career Guidance preferred


Applicants must submit one of the English proficiency scores mentioned in the below
(The English proficiency score must br 2-year validity up to the application date)

Job Description

Overall Responsibilities:
• Develops and implements the school guidance program.
• Promotes academic, personal, social, and career development of all students.
• Consults with teachers, staff, and parents to support students in their learning and development.
• Performs other duties as assigned by the school Director

Specific Duties:

• Develops and implements the school guidance program.
• Provides orientation activities for students new to the school.
• Assists in pre-registration of high school students.
• Guides individuals and groups of grade ten students through the development of educational and career plans.
• Assists grade eleven and twelve students in evaluating their current status in conjunction with graduation.
• Develops unit of instruction and teach career education.
• Guides students to explore career and college information system.
• Disseminates current, accurate information needed by individual students and parents as they develop their educational and career plans.
• Guides grade twelve students in college applications.
• Develops the guidance calendar, document and evaluates guidance activities as they are implemented.

• With the assistance of the Assessment Coordinator interprets standardized test results and SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and ILTS test results to students, parents, and teachers.
• Conducts career assessments to groups of students and interprets the interest, personality, and aptitude test results.

• Develops and implements the school counseling program.
• Conducts counseling sessions to individuals and groups of students.
• Evaluates the effectiveness of the counseling program annually with the School Director.
• Maintain counseling records to document interactions, interventions, and decisions.


• Refers students with problems to appropriate community agencies.
• Consults with appropriate personnel, such as nurses, administrators, psychiatrists, psychologists, and physicians.
• Maintains a comprehensive list of community resources.

Liaise with other school staff

• Consults with teachers, administrators, and parents regarding the developmental needs of students.

• Serves as an advocate for students.

• Develops and serves in student-study team.

• Develops crisis intervention process and serves in the crisis intervention team.

Professional Development

• Pursues continuous professional growth.

• Reads professional journals and keeps informed of current professional trends.

• Joins professional associations and conference.

• Conducts in-service training for teachers and staff.


• Maintains confidentiality.

• Operates within the established school procedures and policies.

• Attends school in-service workshops and meetings.

Selection process

Interview test and only short-listed applicants will be contacted directly

Welfare bennefits

Salary negotiable depending on experience and qualifications

Please submit an application form along e-Recruitment online at

Application must be received by 29 July 2022
Candidate who are eligible to take an examination will announced by 29 July 2022

20 June 2022

(ลงนาม)      Wariya Chinwanno|Emeritus Professor Dr. Wariya Chinwanno
School Director